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      Bulwark FR<sup>®</sup>

      Nobody gets comfort better than the Bulwark® brand. With a perspective free of accepted barriers, the brand is the world’s leader in flame-resistant apparel. Without question. Without compromise.


      Bulwark FR®

      For more than four decades, the Bulwark® brand has served the oil and gas, electric utility and petrochemical markets – without compromise. And as the world's largest manufacturer of flame-resistant (FR) apparel, the Bulwark® brand is on an inspired mission to raise FR’s “Innovation Quotient” with a new era of better and smarter protective apparel. With the industry's widest and deepest selection of fabrics, styles and colors, the Bulwark® brand offers a game-changing product line that doesn’t trade comfort for safety.


      The Bulwark® brand paired VF’s culture of innovation with the R&D capabilities of Milliken & Company to develop the iQ Series™ – an entirely new form of flame-resistant apparel.



      Primary Products

      Flame-resistant apparel

      Global Reach



      Strategy & Innovation

      Innovation Driven by Insight

      Next Generation Of FR Garments

      For decades, FR brands have been tweaking the same tired technologies to meet the same age-old demands. But the Bulwark® brand’s iQ Series™ combines flame resistance with a whole new level of comfort. iQ Series™ garments are a blend of the Bulwark® brand’s industry-leading insight and Milliken’s world-renowned culture of unbridled innovation.

      Launch Video


      Continuously Making Things Better


      Total Transparency

      From fiber to factory, we track every stitch of every garment across the Bulwark® brand’s 60 manufacturing touch points, ensuring that the highest standards are followed. This uncompromising devotion to information management yields total visibility into the Bulwark® brand’s entire supply chain.


      Giving Back To Favorite Charities

      Bulwark’s Community Action Team focuses its community efforts toward one nonprofit per month – the nonprofit selected is one that a current associate is personally involved with.

      Life at VF

      What’s it like to be part of the VF team? The day-to-day experience is as rich and diverse as our broad portfolio of brands and our variety of locations around the world. But all across VF, our workplace is characterized by a distinctive culture of respect, collaboration and sharing – a strong, authentic culture that inspires innovation and enables us all to grow and succeed together. It’s a culture we call One VF. Check out our Careers page for open positions

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      Nearly 70,000 Associates Around The World

      82% of VF associates said they are proud to work at VF.

      91% of VF associates said they often put more effort into their job than is required so they can help VF succeed.

      VF Associate Global Survey, 2015