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      Hard work. It’s what separates those who think it and those who live it. We support every worker with the drive, and mental fortitude to put in a serious days work without compromise. That’s why we’re constantly innovating, and improving the performance of every boot.



      For more than forty years, Terra® has manufactured top quality footwear for the professional worker. From our humble beginnings in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, Terra® has grown to become the world’s leading brand of premium, quality safety footwear.

      From hard-wearing rugged boots to fashionably designed safety shoes, Terra® customers enjoy innovative functionality and world-class craftsmanship. Terra® is known worldwide for product innovations – for constantly developing new materials and advanced design constructions to address customers' demands for increased comfort and protection. Terra’s professional grade products provide unparalleled performance under the most demanding conditions anywhere in the world.

      Terra® distributes quality products through industrial services companies and through safety footwear retailers for the construction, mining, oil and manufacturing industries throughout North America, South & Central America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Europe.


      TerraSphere® is an ecosystem of four layers of material engineered to work seamlessly for maximum wearability, made To guarantee warmth, dryness and comfort to -60?C/-76?F.



      Primary Products

      Boots and shoes

      Global Reach

      Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific, United States


      Life at VF

      Talented, Smart, Flexible, Confident

      Whether you prefer a laid-back casual workplace or a more urban, sophisticated atmosphere, we offer a wide range of “brand environments” to work in - each reflecting the lifestyles of brands like Vans®The North Face®Timberland® and Dickies®.

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      Nearly 70,000 Associates Around The World

      82% of VF associates said they are proud to work at VF.

      91% of VF associates said they often put more effort into their job than is required so they can help VF succeed.

      VF Associate Global Survey, 2015