Brand Management

We have a team that focuses primarily on consumer and customer facing activities. These Brand Management Analysts typically hold MBAs in finance or marketing and conduct reviews of brand management in areas such as:

Merchandising & Design, Product Development, Marketing, Retail Management, eCommerce Management, Sales Account Management, and Licensing Management (both VF Licensee and Licensor).

Supply Chain

We have a team of Supply Chain Analysts whose members hold educational backgrounds and experience in global supply chain management, engineering and computer science. Our Supply Chain Analysts are typically Certified Supply Chain Professionals, and conduct reviews of the following:

Demand Forecasting, Production Planning, Sales & Operations Planning, Procurement Operations, Speed-to-Market, Manufacturing, Sourcing Operations, Management of Third-way Manufacturing, Product Quality, Product Safety, Logistics Operations, Customs Compliance, Distribution, and Customer Service / Order Management.

Finance & Administration

VF maintains very high financial standards and strong internal accounting and reporting controls. VF’s financial community is located at each shared corporate center that provides routine financial services. Finance associates are also positioned within each brand group to ensure strong front-line analysis of strategic and tactical opportunities around each brand. Our team of Financial Auditors are typically CPAs, CIAs, CMAs and CFEs, and conduct reviews of:

Financial Planning & Forecasting, Accounting Operations, Treasury Operations, Real Estate Operations, Insurance Operations, Corporate Communications, Credit Management, Merger & Acquisition Operations, Tax Operations, Tax Compliance, Tax Reporting, Financial Reporting Operations, Internal Financial Reporting, External Financial Reporting, Non-US External Financial Reporting, and Lender/Rating Agency Reporting.

Global Business Technology

VF maintains a team of Information Technology auditors who has VF-wide responsibility for audits of VF’s incredible information systems and technology environment. This team is comprised of Senior Technology Auditors who typically have computer science degrees and are CISAs and CISSPs. We also make extensive use of outside technology risk and control experts to augment our technology assurance. VF is an industry leader in the usage of information systems and technology for competitive advantage, and this team is connected at the hip with VF’s thought leaders who oversee this area. Technology segments subject to auditing include:

IT Program Management, Enterprise Architecture, Information Security Strategy, Governance Risk & Compliance and Role-Based Security, Business Systems Development, Cloud Computing, Information Technology General Controls, Governance of Technology Management, Infrastructure Change and Incident Management, Technology Performance Measurement, and Disaster Recovery Planning.

Human Resources

Human resource management is a critical activity in VF. People do make the difference and VF management recognizes and respects this principle, both in words and deeds. In fact, VF has recently been recognized as one of 2018's World’s most Ethical Companies, 2018 Fortune World’s most Admired Companies, and 2018 Best Places to Work for LGBTQ Equality. Since VF has 70,000+ associates and more than half of our associates are located outside of the United States, our Human Resource Analysts (typically PHRs and CIAs) face great diversity as they must review multi-national HR practices. Our analysts review the following:

Training & Development Operations, Performance Management, Talent Management / Succession Planning, Associate Engagement & Productivity, Recruiting, Managing Change, Compensation & Benefits Management, Welfare Plans, HR Legal & Regulatory Reporting, Labor & Employment Compliance, and Workplace Safety / Health Compliance.

Ethics & Compliance

Our Ethics and Compliance Program helps ensure our associates have the guidance and resources needed to operate with the highest standards of corporate conduct in all of our business dealings. At VF we also believe it is important to enhance our business practices continually. Accordingly, a team of Business Practices associates, based in Greensboro, Hong Kong, and a larger network of like-kind associates working in VF’s operating companies, are providing support for enforcing these standards of conduct and for continually identifying and implementing enhancements to VF’s business practices. We do this work to promote stronger Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, uplift current financial and administrative practices, and assist with the integration of VF’s acquisitions. This scope of work includes:

Ethic Management, Law Operations, Anti-Trust Compliance, Securities Compliance, Intellectual Property Compliance, Non-US Legal & Regulatory and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance.

Factory Compliance

The value of VF Corporation is embodied in its portfolio of brands, supported by the people, processes, technologies and capital employed to build and protect our brands. Therefore, it is critically important that every facility involved in the manufacture of a branded product, and brands for which VF has licensed outside business partners to produce and sell, follow VF’s Global Compliance Principles. VF Internal Audit employs full-time teams of Factory Auditors, located principally in Southeast Asia and Central America, to ensure no production of a VF branded product or a VF licensed product occurs prior to the facility having passed a certified VF factory inspection. Our auditors review the following:

Internal Manufacturing Factory Compliance, Contractor Factory Compliance, Contractor Factory Structural and Electrical Compliance, and Annual Contractor Factory Compliance.